Track Premiere: Crypts of Despair – “Excruciating Weight”

Crypts of Despair band photo

Lithuanian death metal duskbringers Crypts of Despair announced their cacophonous arrival with 2017’s The Stench of the Earth. Now the brutes are back to cast us into permanent midnight with All Light Swallowed. Transcending Obscurity Records are death metal tastemakers for a reason, and Crypt of Despair’s sophomore record shows why. Decibel Magazine is psyched to share the album’s “Excruciating Weight” single with you well before the release date. Stay tuned, because Transcending Obscurity will unleash the full album on April 23rd.

Hopefully you already listened to the singles already unveiled from All Light Swallowed. But if you’re late to the funeral, we’re here to get you caught up. Crypts of Despair don’t narrow their approach to death metal into micro-genres. In their bloody hands, death metal is a vast canvas splattered with the viscera of numerous influences. They boast the discordant atmospherics of Ulcerate. You can hear the blackened blasphemy of Belphegor. Don’t forget the doomy primordial domination of Incantation. “Excruciating Weight” demonstrates all of those traits with its churning rhythms and downcast menace. As Dovydas Auglys and Simonas Jurkevicius growl to the sky, the riffs from Auglys and Benas Juskus beckon apocalyptic storm clouds. Meanwhile, Henri Mall’s drumming blasts away our flesh with lightning-quick tempo shifts.

“This is the song that we could say sums up our new album in many ways,” the band shares. “”Excruciating Weight” was the last track created for All Light Swallowed, but it came out like any other: instinctively without too much over-thinking, with some additional details added before and during recording. Feel the “Excruciating Weight” of life and take a journey into darkness and death worship!”

Press play and get crushed by the “Excruciating Weight” of Crypts of Despair.

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