Full Album Stream: Stortregn – “Impermanence”

The best way I can sum up Stortregn is “heroic blackened death metal.” Since the mid-2000s, the band has honed its devotion for Dissection, Naglfar, Sacramentum and Unanimated into a finely crafted weapon of riffs, growls and blasts. But they’ve also added a level of production values and hooks that takes their sound beyond other blue-album-cover acolytes. All of the ferocity is still there, but Stortregn delivers it with rich guitar melodies and epic solos that almost recall the harsher end of power metal. It’s a swirling storm of dark, majestic fun.

According to the band, “With this album, we managed to merge the contemporary tech-death sound and ideas with our older influences. Impermanence isn’t just a new studio album: it’s a face-melting sonic eruption!” Upon listening to this glorious collection of metal fury, I can confirm this to be true.

Impermanence comes out this Friday via The Artisan Era, you can pre-order the album via the band’s Bandcamp page.