Exclusive Stream: Merauder — “94 Demo”

“In the beginning of time…there was only one person Javier Carpio (SOB) and I would consider to be the frontman of our new band Merauder.”

So says “Karate” Chris Bozeth of the early years in which his seminal metallic hardcore band was front by underground legend Minus (Dmize, Minus1).

“At first, we were concerned about his throat skills, but we knew his stage presence and hilarious personality would make up for any vocal short comings…he never disappointed on stage or on the mic,” Bozeth continues. “As a staple in the NYHC scene, Minus loved both Hardcore music and brotherhood, and when he joined Merauder he had both by default. The roots and chemistry of the band transcends time and space among members and genres. It has been my pleasure to watch both Minus and Jorge perform our music and introduce the essence of our 1980’s Brooklyn roots to the world!”

The Minus material — which includes fascinating skeletal versions of songs that would eventually appear on the classic 1995 Master Killer LP — will see the light of day via Upstate Records in the form of the appropriately title Merauder The Minus Years. (Preorders live on Friday.)

For now, sample the primordial wonders of demo 94 below.