Album Premiere: Isgherurd Morth – Hellrduk

Featuring members of Necrophagist and Kamlath, Isgherurd Morth are a new avant-garde black metal trio whose debut album Hellrduk simultaneously glorifies and obliterates the genre’s expectations. Out this Friday on UK’s Repose Records, Hellrduk comprises five tracks of vast and wildly imaginative progressive black metal with some graceful hints of a certain blackgaze magic. An incredibly auspicious beginning, Hellrduk sounds like the three musicians behind Isgherurd Morth poured every ounce of their talent into making their debut album as wild and as rewarding as they could.

According to PITOM, aka Peter Shallmin, the band’s bassist, Isgherurd Morth “is a spontaneous deal, a quick decision between three experienced and mature creative minds in the same flow of ideas.” He continues, “Having a serious practical musical background, we express our desire and knowledge through many extreme music forms being picky to composition and its development, to catch and keep the real groove through the difference of intervals embodied in Hellrduk: emotionally intense, ethereal and to be absolute[ly] unpredictable!”


Get Hellrduk this Friday from Repose Records.