Full EP Premiere: Venomous Concept – “Deep Thinking in Deep Times”

Since last August, punk metal heroes Venomous Concept have released their killer fourth LP, Politics Verses the Erection, then commemorated the 10th anniversary of our Decibel Flexi Series with the timely “Vote Clown Party” flexi single before unleashing their experimental offshoot Visceral Collapse, which functions as the group’s vehicle for material outside the Venomous Concept “comfort zone.”

Today, however, the quartet returns to their Venomous Concept form via rockling covers of Deep Wound, Davie Bowie, Black Flag and Halo of Flies on the new EP Deep Thinking in Deep Times.

“Cover songs are not for every band and sometimes I wonder if they are for me,” guitarist/bassist Shane Embury tells Decibel. “But when push comes shove and you make the effort, it’s a lot of fun and less pressure than you envision — it’s actually quite liberating!

“I have wanted to cover Deep Wound’s ‘Dead Babies’ for 30 years; one more off the badger’s bucket list,” continues. “[Vocalist] Kevin [Sharp] had been chomping at the bit to tag team Bowie and a Halo of Flies. [Guitarist John] ‘Cookie’ [Cook], well, he loves Black Flag so stick that in your bong and take a hit!

“It’s a wonderful Bandcamp Friday, friends, do us a solid if you can reach into the kindness of your hearts and see if you can throw Toto a bone! Lots of love from Ook & VC.”

Stream Deep Thinking in Deep Times below and then make your Bandcamp Friday purchase!