Full Album Stream: Wolf King – “The Path of Wrath”

First things first: Wolf King‘s 2018 debut record, Loyal to the Soil, is the best hardcore-related record in a long time. Its caustic blend of rowdy hardcore, icy black metal and pulverizing death metal instantly made the band one to watch. It’s exciting, then, that Wolf King’s second album, The Path of Wrath, builds on everything they established on that album.

The Path of Wrath sees Wolf King lean further into their extreme metal influences, pulling in sounds from across the spectrum. Early tracks like “Messenger of Death” and “Wandering Soul” deliver blackened crust, while “Sanctuary” busts death metal riffs and grooves that sound like a throwback to last album’s “Betrayer.” The title track to the album is a ready-made crowd pleaser, touching down with breakdowns and two-step moments.

Guitarist Jacob Broughton is the star player on The Path of Wrath, managing to incorporate so many different sounds without compromising the (hard)core sound of the band.

“We’re ecstatic to finally have the record released for everyone to hear,” Wolf King tell Decibel. “The four of us feel that this is a big step up from our last album, and we hope fans of all different genres can enjoy what we’ve made.”

Wolf King will unleash The Path of Wrath on March 5 via Prosthetic, but Decibel is streaming the album in full now.

Photo: Brandon Guillion