Track Premiere: Demons — “Play Acting Virtue”

Photo credit: Will Clarke

Jamming through a cool mix that deftly bridges the gap between punkier mid-era Converge and At the Drive In-esque aggressive indie, Privation, the second full-length from Norfolk, Virginia’s Demons establishes a beautiful balance between ultra-catchy, driving riffs, burly grooves, and angular dissonance.

The record drops April 30th courtesy Spartan Records, but we’ve got an early exclusive preview for you with the track “Play Acting Virtue” streaming below.

From the new album “Privation” available April 30th on Spartan Records.

“This song was one of the earlier ones written for Privation. I was listening to a lot of Converge — and I still hear the influence applied through our filter,” guitarist/vocalist Zach Gehring confirms.”The music was written on an acoustic. It was a block-headed riff that came alive when Drew built the drum part. He achieved the perfect balance of chaos and drive. Lyrically, I was caught up on this promise that truth somehow brings freedom, or truth liberates you. I think that can often have the opposite impact. I think the truth is often treated as a sort of shallow poetic device, or an ephemeral enlightenment. But it’s an obligation that never fully subsides.”