Track Premiere: Abigorum – “Der geheimnisvolle Käfig”

Abigorum album cover

Epic blackened doom project Abigorum spawned in 2012 by Aleksey Korolyov (drums and keys). After several releases and expanding to a trio in 2019, Abigorum is now a duo after the departure of Sandra Batsch. On their upcoming record Vergessene Stille, Tino “Fluch” Thiele provides guitars, bass, vocals, and wrote the lyrics. For this release the band decided to write entirely in German. If you’re familiar with Korolyov’s label Satanath Records, you know there’s some devilish nastiness in store on this album. Satanath is co-releasing this record with Duplicate Records and Black Blood Records, with a cassette release also from Void Wanderer Productions. Vergessene Stille will be released on April 13th.

Following a clang of distortion and a cymbal crash, “Der geheimnisvolle Käfig” begins its hypnotic crunch. Despite being 9 minutes long, the song has an entrancing allure. Abigorum adorn the song’s steady blackened pulse with frigid melodies summoned from the void. Meanwhile, Thiele snarls over the simmering track with a venomous delivery. The stunning artwork by Luciana Nedelea nails the album’s sound. This song feels like a plague of vampire bats and apocalyptic clouds blocking the sun. The lyric video for the new single might alienate those who don’t speak German. Luckily, we have the commonality of heavy music to enjoy the video anyway. Join Abigorum and crack open hell’s gates by pressing play.

Summon hell and stream Abigorum’s new lyric video below.

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