Full Album Stream: Thronehammer – Incantation Rites

Formed sometime in the early days of last decade, Thronehammer tower as a mighty German doom band with one Kat Shevil Gillham, an English woman, on vocals. Since their demo came out in 2012, on through their debut full-length, 2019’s Usurper of the Oaken Throne, Thronehammer have carved epic and crushing doom slabs from the metaphysical mountains of time’s cruel passing and all the jagged pain and low, rolling misery that abounds within this godforsaken bourn.

Now, “just under two years after” Thronehammer’s debut album, the German-English doom cabal release their follow-up full-length, Incantation Rites. According to Kat Gillham, Thronehammer “finished the writing for [Incantation Rites] during the first lockdowns in Germany and England” while she “worked on [and] refined the vocals throughout the summer of 2020 in Durham City, England.” She goes on to explain how Incantation Rites was “recorded at a few different locations in Nuremberg/Würzburg/Bamberg, Germany, where most of the band live” and she “tracked the vocals for the at a local studio […] called Rocking Horse.” The same studio where she recorded vocals for Thronehammer’s debut album, as well, she says.

Kat says, “Feels quite surreal that we managed to record a new album between two countries during a global pandemic but well we did it and the album is released just under two years after the debut.”

Kat describes Incantation Rites as “a much more varied and multi-faceted album with lots of twists and turns.” Kat says Thronehammer’s new album “will take the listener on a journey through various epic sonic soundscapes, but the core elements of our sound and what made the debut album so successful are still there which is HEAVY DOOM METAL and mostly clean sung vocals, although there [are] more harsher and growled vocals on the new album which really fit in certain parts.” She admits, she “felt some parts just demanded harsher/growled vocals instead of the clean sung ones.” Since their debut album, Kat says, Thronehammer “have expanded [their] overall sound, brought in some new influences whilst remaining true to the Thronehammer sound and musical vision of the band.”

Incantation Rites


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