Track Premiere: Necropanther – ‘Benthic Storms’

Colorado’s Necropanther might have the most deceiving name in all of extreme metal. Despite their silly name, the group specialize in a potent mixture of melodic death, thrash and black metal, executing the fusion with grace and precision. On their new song, “Benthic Storms,” Necropanther charge forward with melodic leads, blast beats and icy vocals, setting the tone for their forthcoming In Depths We Sleep EP.

In Depths We Sleep is the third entry in Necropanther’s EP series, in which a single member writes the entire EP, unlike the band’s three full-length records. For this release, guitarist and vocalist Paul Anop took on the writing.

“The ocean is where I feel at home, and I’ve missed that because of the pandemic,” Anop explains. “This EP represents my memory of time spent in the water and my hope to return there.”

Whether In Depths We Sleep conjures visions of ocean water or snow-covered mountaintops, Necropanther will release the EP on March 12 via Bandcamp. Listen to “Benthic Storms” below.