EP Premiere: Sandstorm – Desert Warrior

Yes, that cover is awesome and, yes, the four songs on Desert Warrior definitely back it up.

Desert Warrior is the second and latest EP from Vancouver-based vintage metal defenders Sandstorm since their debut EP Time To Strike came out two years ago almost to the day. Once again the trio returns with their hammered-true riffs, sticky melodies and ridiculously righteous vocals. Many modern hard rock/heavy metal bands seem to strive merely to sound anachronistic, but Sandstorm succeed in writing songs that even back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s could’ve become memorable scorchers that would’ve stood the test of time. You’ll know we’re serious when “Evil Wins” comes on. As timeless as rock itself, Sandstorm’s Desert Warrior comes out this Friday on Dying Victims Productions.

“With full force we present our second battle, Desert Warrior, an EP packed with our heavy metal thunder,” says Sandstorm. “This fight started long before us, but we picked up the axe and carried on. Put on your leather and join our heavy metal quest, max the volume and rock your best.”

Desert Warrior