EP Premiere: Astral Tomb – Degradation of Human Consciousness

The Denver-based death metal three piece known as Astral Tomb formed in 2018 under the name Ring Nebula before taking on their more-morbid moniker. After the release of a promising demo in 2019, the trio garnered attention last summer when they closed out that crusher of a four-way split Chasm of Aeons released by Desert Wastelands and Blood Harvest, also featuring Replicant, Cryptic Shift and Inoculation. Now we have the pleasure of featuring the young group’s brand-new EP called Degradation of Human Consciousness, out today on Blood Harvest

“Although it’s our third release under the Astral Tomb moniker, Degradation of Human Consciousness is our first release that truly encapsulates the ideas we want to hear in all of our music,” says the band. “‘DoHC’ is the product of exploring different riffs, rhythmic styles, and lyrical themes for over a year, all the while cycling through different lineups. It’s a very personal tape for all of us, and nothing feels better than being able to sit down and hear something we’ve created that we can really be satisfied with. The production on the demo has a raw, deleterious sound, but it would have been misleading to release something titled ‘Degradation of Human Consciousness’ and have it any other way. All three tracks are going to appear on our LP Soulgazer being released next year, revised and re-recorded in a way that inspires the self-reflection we want in our creation.”

Degradation of Human Consciousness

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