Video Premiere: Mind Power- “Mess”

How do you distill anti-social, aggressive self-loathing?

For a good primer on the subject, you could start with the new video from Mind Power. The video features vocalist Robert Meadows (you will remember him from A Life Once Lost) walking through the woods directing his rage at the viewer. There’s something genuinely disconcerting about a plainly-dressed fellow letting it rip like this, conveying a deep inferno of dissatisfaction that rests within all of us.

Here’s how Meadows describes the song:

“The song is about my battle with depression, substance abuse, living a life in which you just don’t want to exist. We all feel it. Some of us talk about our problems and others bottle it up. I bottle it up and keep it to myself; it’s easier not to involve others with how I really feel. This is my life and I can choose to do what I want with it.”

The band’s album, Self Torture will be released by Jump Start records (you can order the album here). For those among us who fondly remember the halycon days of metalcore, the album also features guest slots from Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan, Darkest Hour’s John Henry and Michael Schleibaum, The Red Chord’s Mike McKenzie and Most Precious Blood’s Rob Fusco.

Enjoy the madness.