Listen: Panopticon Release “Know Hope,” Announce New Album

One-man USBM institution Panopticon quietly released “Know Hope” last week, the first single from …And Again Into the Light, the revered project’s tenth full-length since 2008. Though it doesn’t have an officially confirmed release date, Bindrune Recordings confirmed a spring or summer 2021 release date.

“Know Hope” is a hefty track, clocking in at nearly 12-and-a-half minutes and serving as the album closer, tearing from inspired, black metal fury to its quiet conclusion of a classic string ensemble and the sounds of nature. Throughout, the track feels honest to its name, which Panopticon mastermind Austin Lunn says was inspired by the tattoos on his wife’s knuckles—this is hopeful, passionate black metal.

Lunn also includes a sample from artist Gee Vaucher of UK punk legends Crass about what inspires her creatively, again nodding to the positive nature of the record.

Stay tuned for more details about …And Again Into the Light and listen to “Know Hope” below. For more on the history and legacy of Panopticon, purchase a copy of Decibel‘s latest book, USBM: A Revolution of Identity in American Black Metal.