Track Premiere: Conflagracion – “La Consumación de lo Impuro

On Sunday January 31, Conflagracion, a new occult black metal duo, will release their debut EP Luciftias on cassette tape. The five tracks that compose Luciftias represent the long nights of hard work from El Salvadoran musician Morbid, who performs ‘vomitos & resonancias espectrales,’ i.e. vox & guitars and Brazilian drummer Deathhammer, who, as Conflagracion put it, plays tambores infernais.  

One-half of Conflagracion, Morbid explains, “The process to compose and arrange these songs has been very smooth with Deathhammer even though we live miles away from each other and we have never played together but it is clear for us that the passion and efforts to channel these inert and aggressive chords into a kind of sound not related to [any of our] other projects has caused a dark communion that will for sure leads us into more releases in the future.” Morbid promises, “Luciftias EP is the prelude.”

Given their sigil-heavy logo and their black makeup-only corpsepaint style, one approaches Conflagration uncertain of what to expect, but certainly eager to find out. For this reason, we’re delighted to present our readers with a chance to be among the first to hear the hellish clamor of Luciftias. Out this Sunday coming from Morbid Skull Records, this is the first track from Luciftias, the consummation of the impure.

“La Consumación de lo Impuro”