Track Premiere: Caedes Cruenta – “Recitation of Abyssic Necropsalms”

Athens, Greece-based black metallers Caedes Cruenta will release their third album, Of Ritual Necrophagia and Mysterious Ghoul Cults on February 12 through Swedish label Helter Skelter. For nearly two decades Caedes Cruenta have slayed true Hellenic black metal, but their finest hour draws near.

Today we have the pleasure of offering our readers a glimpse at Caedes Cruenta’s impending masterwork with the premiere of the forthcoming album’s sixth track, “Recitation of Abyssic Necropsalms.” Like the five tracks preceding, as well as the two following it that close out the album, “Recitation of Abyssic Necropsalms” is keyboard-enriched Hellenic black metal majesty shredded at an intensity similar to Floridian death metal. In short, it’s absolutely vicious and astoundingly evil! 

“Recitation of Abyssic Necropsalms”

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