Video Premiere: Tombstoner – ‘Guts’

Let’s skip the pleasantries and get right to the gore metal. Staten Island, New York-based unit Tombstoner delivered their Descent to Madness EP last year on Redefining Darkness and they’re back to support it with a video for fourth track “Guts.” Combining death metal, grindcore and a love for horror movies, Tombstoner hit the sweet spot between brutality and fun with “Guts.”

“The concept, lyrically, for the song ‘Guts’ was to summarize a horror movie,” the band tell Decibel. “It’s about the fictional ‘Spirit of Death’ escaping from Hell to wreak havoc on the earth. When we contacted our good friend Joe Plescia about filming a video for the song, he proposed the idea of creating a trailer for the Guts movie. He tasked each one of us with coming up with our own death scenes and we all tried to one up each other in brutality. The competition was exhilarating and what came out was a grotesque and bloody masterpiece and we couldn’t have imagined a more perfect product.”

Soak in “Guts” in its gory delight below; Descent to Madness is out now.