Track Premiere: Molten – “On Through Phlegethon”

We first covered Molten back in May of 2019 on our Demo:listen column. We warned you that “Molten’s debut EP is a concentrated effort remarkable” and since then the San Francisco death-thrash combat quintet have announced their forthcoming debut full-length, Dystopian Syndrome, out January 25. Molten have already leaked two singles, one of which, “Zombie’s Curse,” was premiered on Halloween, as part of a mini-movie.

Out January 25, Dystopian Syndrome was recorded and mixed at Earhammer Studios by Greg Wilkinson and mastered at Trakworx by Justin Weis and artwork executed by Pedro Felipe Oliveira. Today we have the pleasure of hosting the latest single to drop from Molten’s impending album. Bringing to mind Greek black metal and old school death metal in equal measure, “On Through Phlegethon” puts Molten’s multifaceted strengths on glorious display.

“‘On Through Phlegethon’ is the first full song idea I brought to Molten,” says Chris Corona, Molten’s guitarist. “I had a solid idea of how I wanted it to fit into the Molten sound, but the end collaborative result blew me away. The lyrics reflect the struggle of the downtrodden against the oppressing insurmountable forces that surround us today and literally cast shadows and darken our lives. Inspired by one of the five Greek mythological rivers of the underworld that burns the souls of those who committed crimes against their own kind, Phlegethon is a figurative journey finding our way through this darkness using the burning souls of these evil tyrants to light the way.”

“On Through Phlegethon”

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