Full Album Stream: Grayceon – “MOTHERS WEAVERS VULTURES”

There is a fine line between epic and disjointed; if a band has big ideas but fails to execute them well, their music generally winds up in the latter category. In the former category is MOTHERS WEAVERS VULTURES, the new album from Bay Area progressive metal group Grayceon.

Anchored by cellist and vocalist Jackie Perez Gratz—whose resume includes recordings with Agalloch, Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot, plus membership in Giant Squid—MOTHERS WEAVERS VULTURES balances dense, heavy compositions with Peretz Gratz’s melodies and melancholic vocals.

Grayceon’s best moments come on songs like “The Lucky Ones,” where the galloping compositions highlight the strengths of both sides of the band’s sound.

MOTHERS WEAVERS VULTURES is out Friday, December 18 on Translation Loss but Decibel is streaming the entire album in full now alongside a track-by-track commentary from Perez Gratz.

“Diablo Wind”

Musically, the solo cello is akin to Scottish bagpipes playing a battle cry or song of lament on the battleground afterwards. Lyrically, this song is about the California wildfires that ravage our land year round. It is a premonition that the environmental demise scientists predict to be decades out is already here- we are living in the future and this future is the beginning of the end of mankind and humanity as we know it.

“The Lucky Ones”

This song is a head nod to the great lyricist and singer Ronnie James Dio. It is a plea to consider that magic is everywhere and nature is magic so we would be better served to worship nature instead of God. There is no heaven and hell, just earth in this tiny part of the universe. We should consider ourselves lucky to be here.

“This Bed”

Is a bleak observation about humanity’s betrayal to Mother Nature, told in a first-person narrative that insinuates we have all been unfaithful in the relationship.

“And Shine On”

A song of empowerment and encouragement to not let ‘them’ break you down. ‘They’ can be The Man, your internal self-doubt, or anything/anyone else that tries to snuff out your light.

“Rock Steady”

This is a love letter, but also a clear reminder that nothing is forever. So let’s just roll with it and rock steady…