Album Premiere: Vrenth – Baptism Death

This Friday, Maryland death consortium Rotted Life Records will release Baptism Death, the debut album from west coast manglers Vrenth. Composed of members from killer California death metal groups such as Ruin, Ascended Dead, Gravehill and Exhumed, Vrenth first made their presence known to the world with the release of their demo last year. Now all three demo songs return beefed up and eager for more bloodshed among five other straight-up cannibalistic attacks to make up their debut album, laconically dubbed Baptism Death. Wrought by absolute diehards and blood-crazed madmen, Baptism Death blasts one of hell of a massive and gore-drenched production—and here’s betting their drummer had a hand in it. 

“Charlie [Koryn, Vrenth’s drummer] and I were jamming together in Necrosic and I had some riffs and arrangements from that era left over,” recalls Vrenth’s guitarist Christian La Rocca. “We ended up recording 3 songs and I spoke with Mike Abominator to put it out as a demo on his Death Metal Cult label. Not only did he put it out, but I decided to have him do the vocals on there. I asked my old friends ‘Bodybag’ Bob Babcock and Steve Shrapnelson to jump in on the action with some guitar and bass respectively, the rest is history. There was a good response for the demo, so Charlie and I jammed out some more songs and the Baptism Death album began. Mike, Bob and Steve filled out the sound once more with their contributions. We are proud of this album. Everyone worked really hard on it during this crazy pandemic era! We feel that it’s equal parts heavy and ripping fast as well as melodic and dynamic in parts. But YOU be the judge and get BAPTIZED IN DEATH!!!!!!!!”

Baptism Death

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