Track Premiere: EOS “The Great Ascension”


EOS, behind black expressionless masks, casts out a foreboding gaze on new album, The Great Ascension (Brilliant Emperor). Certainly, the mysterious ones from (Down) Down Under have the initiative here, with their online presence mentioning not a single member. Now, before edgelords invade EOS’ mighty existential (conceptually speaking) thrust, take the song, ‘The Great Ascension,’ at face value. Few black metal records — hey, Striborg is due to release his 6th album (this year) in the waning days of 2020 — take the genre by the throat, pierce it with ferocity, and bleed out its banal, ill-intended, try-not-hard-at-all spirit like EOS. What’s left is a raw heart, beating staccato and hard from the genre’s exposed inner cavities.

“‘The Great Ascension’ is a sonic battle cry. A spiritual journey through bloodshed and triumph,” say EOS to Decibel. “This song tells the story of battlefields left with nothing but bodies and fallen swords. Left in limbo our warrior questions the gods to when he will be removed from his mortal coil and taken to the great Hall. A call that is left unanswered.”

Whether it’s the other end of the world (where it’s actually tomorrow) or our faithful hobgoblins are just emerging from a deeper kind of slumber, we’re excited to premiere the title track from EOS’ high-brow, if bellicose The Great Ascension. Eternal and invisible orange-like hails from 39.9526° N, 75.1652° W.


** EOS’ new album, The Great Ascension, is out December 18 on Brilliant Emperor Records. Pre-orders are live now for digital, vinyl, and vinyl-t-shirt bundles. Click HERE for Southern Hemisphere anti-salvation…