Video Premiere: Witching – ‘Eschaton’

Decibel has followed Philadelphia blackened sludge group Witching since they released their demo in 2017 and one thing that has always been consistent about the band is their instantly-recognizable art style. That style comes directly to the forefront in their new video for “Eschaton,” the closing track to the album Vernal, released in June of this year.

The video, which was shot by Dan White and edited by Errick Easterday, is like a living, breathing art project, complete with tons of paint and fire. The bright colors and fast cuts aren’t what one might typically associate with black metal, but the video underscores the dark and chaotic feelings to the song.

“We are looking at suffering that is not just caused by death and sickness,” vocalist Jacqui Powell explains. “There has been a substantial distribution of mental and physical pain. Emotions are bottled up alongside our human existence. We are wrecking ourselves inside and out, and repeating these patterns until we combust.”

Watch the video for “Eschaton” below. Vernal is out now.