Full Demo Stream: Her Name in a Cemetery – “Demo MMXX”

Her Name in a Cemetery make music that matches the cold winter months. Little is known about the anonymous one-person project save that sole member H lives in Seattle and will officially release Demo MMXX tomorrow, December 4. Three tracks of hypnotic, lo-fi depressive black metal, Demo MMXX is inspired by the work of bands like Xasthur, Silencer and Lifelover—songs move at a slow to mid pace, the guitars covered in fuzz, save for the occasional acoustic passage, and vocals reverberating like they were recorded in a huge, open room.

There is a palpable air of depression and sadness in Her Name in a Cemetery’s music, enhanced by the lo-fi quality of the recording. H’s vocals sound pained and lonely, like the demo was recorded during a particularly hard time.

“These are the first few songs I wrote for Her Name in a Cemetery, a band intended to be my love letter of sorts to Lifelover-style depressive black metal,” H explains. “In practice, a lot of the atmospheric/blackgaze sound crept in through the cracks, and so hopefully there is a decent balance of memorable hooks and bleak passages… Most everything was recorded and composed last winter, but I had waited for a particularly dark, particularly anxious night to do the vocal tracks. It is fitting that as cold winter returns, these songs should finally be released. The lost, troubled listener can rest assured that this music comes from a real place… and hopefully it can bring them solace in their own low hours.”

Stench ov Death is set to release Demo MMXX tomorrow, but Decibel is streaming the release now. Listen below and secure a physical copy through Bandcamp.