Album Premiere: Morpholith – ‘Null Dimensions’

Morpholith Band Photo

Once upon a time, there were more amplifiers in Icelandic doom project Morpholith than band members. Now that the duo has expanded to a quintet of cosmonauts, Morpholith has the manpower to escort us to doom’s outer limits of psychedelia. Their new recording Null Dimensions features two expansive songs across almost 34 minutes. The record is scheduled to be released on December 5th, with vinyl and CD via Ozium Records, and cassette tapes courtesy of Sludgelord Records. But the future is now. You can join Morpholith as they venture into other dimensions by exclusively listening to Null Dimensions today.

Unfurling over 20 minutes, “Orb” isn’t as much an opening track as it is a meditative trance. The bass tones throb until droning vocals drift into the mix six minutes deep. There’s a low-gravity spaciness about the song, like a gentle dream during a cryogenic sleep. When the distortion roars during the 13th minute the dream mutates into a nightmare. The vocals devolve into star-cursing growls before wailing to old gods through whatever portals the guitars opened. At 13 and a half minutes, “Monocarp” may seem like the comparably lean ‘n’ mean cut on the EP. It certain bares its xenomorph fangs earlier; the distortion erupts within 2 minutes. But it’s also the more dynamic of the two tracks. The song’s lunar tides create a hypnotic magnetism, making this a perfect song for a concert set (remember those?). Ferociously heavy psych like this is one of my favorite forms of escapism. Fans of slow ‘n’ low heaviness like Ufomammut and Slomatics should eagerly submerge themselves in these riffs.

Press play below and step into Morpholith’s low-gravity and high-decibel dimension.

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