Track Premiere: Voreus – “Progeny of Fire”

Next Friday, December 4, the debut recording from German black/death hellions Voreus will finally see physical incarnation thanks to domestic underworld goods distributor Sentient Ruin. The Proclamation, Voreus’ debut, was recorded by Odrep (drums), Void (guitars) and Thousand Eyes (guitars/bass/vocals) of the band and originally released independently as a digital album on Bandcamp. Now these five tracks of brutalizing, subterranean and primal black/death will see the light of day on vinyl LP and pro-tape formats.

“We’ve known Voreus’ guitarist Void ever since releasing his war metal solo project Cult of Extinction a few years back and we’ve been friends ever since,” relates Sentient Ruin. “When he told us he had a new full band with other people from the German underground our interest was instantly high, and upon hearing Voreus’ first recorded songs we had no doubts whatsoever on how to proceed. It’s a really talented unit of people who know exactly what they’re doing, and they do it extremely well.”

We’ve already had our spines snapped over the title track from Voreus’ forthcoming opening cry The Proclamation, now we have the sadistic pleasure of throwing our readers to Voreus latest unveiling. This is “Progeny of Fire.”


“Progeny of Fire”

Preorder The Proclamation now from Sentient Ruin Laboratories.