Full Album Stream: The Brazilian Gentleman – “808 Hymns”

Despite its extremely-metal lineup, The Brazilian Gentleman is anything but. Featuring producer Alap Momin (ex-Dälek), Christian Alexander (C Trip A, Translation Loss Records), Richard Hoak (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction) and Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia), The Brazilian Gentleman’s new album, 808 Hymns, is synth-driven experimental trip.

808 Hymns was originally intended to be an End Christian album but at the last minute Vince [Rosa, Starkweather] got a concussion playing hockey and couldn’t make it, so we switched it up a little,” Alexander tells Decibel. “This is the first time Alap and I kinda discussed what we were doing ahead of time… limiting the instrumentation strictly to nylon string guitar, wind instruments, synth, vocals and percussion. However, when we picked Kevin up at the bus station we were surprised to see he had a baritone ukulele with him. Kevin said the uke was easier to bring on the bus and thought he could produce some cool sounds with it. Later Rich joined us at my house in the make shift studio we put together earlier in the day. This is very much an Alap record, the 808’s are the riffs… the glue holding things together. Kevin’s uke work serves more as a percussive instrument with Rich and I layering on top. Alap holds everything down with the 808’s.”

That relaxed attitude is evident in the music—808 Hymns sounds more like a relaxed jam between friends who are extremely comfortable with each other more than an attempt to innovate extremity. It’s available on November 27 via Internet & Weed, but Decibel has the hymns on deck now, streaming below.