Demo Premiere: Avlivad – Avlivad

Absolute harbingers of chaos and mayhem Avlivad, featuring Ensnared’s J.K. on drums, emerge from the shadows of Gothenburg like something unleashed from beyond with their self-titled demo of inverted Swedish death metal. Counting four tracks of maddening and thrashing brutality, Avlivad presents something that may very well have the shape of death metal but what these raving Swedes have fit into that outline turns out to be something quite a bit different—and quite horrifying.

Cacophony, disgust and executions,” hails Avlivad. “Prepare to question your moral values and dignity – this demo will desecrate both. Avlivad (‘put to death’ in swedish) is a death metal band from Gothenburg with members from Sweden, Spain and Chile. This is the first demo we put forth, and no tombstone is left unturned on this one. You will be longing for a one way trip to the gallows after enduring this monstrosity of a demo, put forth by the eminent Invictus Productions. Support your local firing squad!” 


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