Video Premiere: Angerot – ‘Vestiments of Cancer’

In March, Decibel praised Midwest death metal crew Angerot‘s second album, The Divine Apostate, as a major step forward for the band from their debut The Splendid Iniquity and helped break them out of a sea of Swedeath imitators. The album deserves to be on any death metal fan’s radar and, fortunately for the uninitiated, Decibel has the new music video for “Vestiments of Cancer,” the third song on The Divine Apostate.

The video is a slick edit of the band performing outdoors, providing a more entertaining visual than a warehouse performance or edits from a pre-COVID-19 time. Lyrically, the song touches on a timeless classic: religion.

“‘Vestiments of Cancer’ is about the corrupting and unlimited power that religion holds,” Angerot state. “It is a self-reflection of a holy man who believes he speaks the will of God, but finds that the power he holds turns him into the exact evil he once detested.”

Check out the video for “Vestiments of Cancer” below and head to Redefining Darkness to grab the full album now.