Album Premiere: Cidesphere – ‘Dawn of a New Epoch’

Cidesphere Band Photo

Turkish melodeath faction Cidesphere formed back in 1998. After a flurry of tantalizing releases, the band split without realizing their full potential. Thankfully, the band determined they had unfinished business. Cidesphere now return after 14 years for their long-delayed and fittingly-titled sophomore record, Dawn of a New Epoch. The record feels the rise of an unforgiving sun after the band’s period of silent darkness. Cidesphere’s dormancy is officially over, with Testimony Records bringing their new tunes to death hounds across the globe. Fortunately for you, Decibel Magazine has an exclusive stream before the album’s release on November 13th.

After an ominous crescendo, “Reborn Into Extinction” introduces Cidesphere’s resurgent death metal. Driven by Oral Akyol’s rabid vocals, the song’s melodic components are sophisticated and triumphant. Although Delic Saike’s artwork looks like a panel from Clive Barker’s “Midnight Meat Train,” Dawn of a New Epoch is not just a hellish subterranean descent. Sure, the beginning of “Sadist” might sound like a subway straight to the netherworld.  But “Living Scars” and “March of the Backstabbers” both offer a reprieve from serrated riffs during their introductions. The guitarwork throughout Dawn of a New Epoch is superlative and worth an album recommendation alone. The hooks are both nimble and reinforced with steel. Cidesphere is ferocious when dedicated to Slaughter of the Soul thrashing. But they’re also interesting in texturing the album with more influences than just mid-’90s Gothenburg greatness. Even ending with an ambient piece (“Sui Caedere”) feels like an appropriate outro for an album that profoundly ends the band’s silence after so many years.

Enter the Dawn of a New Epoch by pressing play below.

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