Track Premiere: The Deviant – “Atomic Revolt”

Since 2018, Norwegian heavy black/death pushers The Deviant have enjoyed a rejuvenated second-go at storming the world with their brand of extreme metal hostility. Now three years since Lightning Bolts, their sophomoric return, The Deviant operate as a tight trio composed of former Gehenna vocalist and bassist Dolgar and fellow founding member Violator (ex-122 Stab Wounds), who handles all guitars, plus drummer Bomber (also ex-122 Stab Wounds), who’s responsible for the hellish drive which has fueled their mighty comeback since 2018. 

Today we have the pleasure of premiering a new track from The Deviant’s forthcoming black/death blood-spiller. Like its predecessor “It Has A Name,” this peek at what’s to come assures us that Rotting Dreams of Carrion—out December 4 on Soulseller Records—will be an explosive combination of hard-hitting death metal and decapitating black thrash. Hail “Atomic Revolt!”—and go vote if you haven’t already! 


The Deviant’s vocalist and bassist Dolgar warns, “When this song kicks off, it is like a freight-train going at full pace through a warzone, only taking a short dissonant break before charging on to the end.”

“Atomic Revolt”

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