Album Premiere: Hanging Fortress – Darkness Devours

After releasing two EPs since forming in 2018, Ohio-based death metal hooligans Hanging Fortress will release their debut full-length album this Friday through Redefining Darkness Records. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Underhill Recordings by Pat Shekut, Darkness Devours represents seven grisly and confrontational beatdowns of mid-paced and mosh-inducing metal of death.

Pound for pound, Darkness Devours is a stalking, knuckle-dragging hybrid-form apex predator of a debut full-length, highly recommended to those who prefer brutality and slow headbanging over all else. Though that’s not to say the album is totally doomed. Drummer Eric Haubert sees to it that an abundance of explosive violence jumps out at the listener at frequent, but unpredictable intervals. Darkness Devours is a beast and should not be taken lightly. 

“We’re all eternally grateful for all surrounding music scenes (especially Toledo) for always giving us a place to feel some sort of unity in times like this,” writes the band. “Whether it’s socially distancing at your favorite local venue turned bar/restaurant to stay afloat during the Covid pandemic, continuing to write music, buying merch, wearing a Cannibal Corpse shirt to your family’s Christmas party and always, slapping stickers on the side of your local McDonald’s drive thru. It all has rhyme and reason. As a whole, we have fully committed to support our local venues, and the people that have always lent us their ears. Day in and day out. In the end YOU are the final line defense for local music. When this is all over, don’t be scared to book your own shows, start your own zines, start bands with people you don’t know, or steal your mom’s station wagon to get to the show. This is our contribution.”

Darkness Devours


Preorder Darkness Devours from Redefining Darkness Records now.