Album Premiere: Ancient Thrones – ‘The Veil’

Ancient Thrones band photo

Heavy metal has been fascinated with mortality since the genre roared to life. On their upcoming concept album The Veil, Canadian blackened metal quartet Ancient Thrones turn their attention to the journey beyond. Originally formed as Abysseral Throne in 2011, the band emerged from the shadows as Ancient Thrones in 2018. Nodding to a lyric from a Wolves in the Throne Room song (“Astral Blood”), it was a rebirth perfect for this album’s themes. They’re now ready to unleash The Veil‘s grandeur and grave-soil grit. Decibel Magazine is eager to bring you Ancient Thrones’ evocative journey into the afterlife before The Veil lifts on November 6th.

“Transient” begins the record with an ethereal mystique and muddy stomp akin to countrymen Anciients. The Veil then enters an urgent sprint as the blackened charge of “The Sight of Oblivion” accompanies Sean Hickey’s ravenous rasps. Whether it’s the thrashing melodeath of “The Millionth Grave” or the metaphysical majesty of “Viduus (The Veil),” Ancient Thrones dwell between the worlds of icy atmosphere and searing, freshly-blacksmithed steel. Nearly an hour in length, The Veil earns that run-time with crisply-written compositions and an arsenal of sky-ripping riffs. The acoustic reprieve of “Sentient” and melodic grief of “Permanent” reveal the album’s heavy heart. But the album conjures strength from those pensive moments. Rife with nimble axe-work from Dylan Wallace and Nick Leslie, The Veil never succumbs to the solemnity of its subject. The Veil remains an impactful listen down to its final dying note.

Press play below and venture beyond The Veil with Ancient Thrones. Listen exclusively here at Decibel before it releases on November 6th. This is a band to watch for fans of blackened hooks, grim atmospheres, and Gothenburg melodeath.

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