Track Premiere: Serpents Oath – ‘Leviathan Speaks’

Most Decibel readers understand that only death is real, but Serpents Oath aren’t so sure. The Belgian newcomers are prepared to drop their debut album, Nihil, next month but they already have a clear vision for their art.

“The vision behind the band is one of transformation,” says vocalist Tes Re Oth. “This shines through first and foremost in the lyrics and is carried through in the cover art and other visuals. The transformation is that of an individual striving to become transhuman with the ultimate goal of beating even death. This is the ultimate rebellion as even death is not accepted as a given.”

The album’s third song, “Leviathan Speaks,” which Decibel is streaming today, is a strong indicator of what to expect from the album: sharp and cold riffs, constant blast beats, throat-shredding vocals and a sense of detachment from anything except the music.

Serpents Oath will release Nihil on December 4 via Soulseller Records.