Track Premiere: Sarvekas – “The Sacred Hour of the Hunt”

Sarvekas Band photo

Finnish black metal duo Sarvekas are ready to paint the world red. Just look at the striking cover of their debut record Of Atavistic Fury & Visions. You can tell this is a band that swings their six-stringed sword with intent to kill. Ahead of the album’s December 4th release from Soulseller Records, Decibel Magazine is happy to unveil their next single. “The Sacred Hour of the Hunt” follows “Hexenpyre” as the first tastes from their album’s blizzard of riffs.

“The Sacred Hour of the Hunt” perfectly represents the album’s feral pulse. The song blasts from silent darkness like a wolf at full stride. As the song sprints forward, you can almost feel the woodland trees whipping by. But “The Sacred Hour of the Hunt” is more than a one-speed ripper. The melodies are razor-edged but vibrant. Around 3:10 the album’s triumphant climax bewitches the listener before the guitars fade. It’s concise but colorful; a balance of fiery beauty and black metal might. The primal urgency of the song’s pacing even reflects the lyrical narrative.

“The song tells a tale of a lone wolf,” Sarvekas says of the song. “His tribulations and gathering the strength to face them, while he preys for a man unaware of this predator. The epic ending is the hour of the wolf and the ultimate apex of the wolf’s sacred hunt.”

Press play below and join the hunt. Sarvekas and Soulseller Records unleash Of Atavistic Fury & Visions on December 4th.

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