Video Premiere: Intoxicated – “Yuck”

Intoxicated band photo

A couple months ago, Decibel shared the story of Floridian deathrash trio Intoxicated. Informed by the gurgle and gore of the Tampa/Morrisound boom, Intoxicated’s sewer-dwelling thrash featured a lot of familiar death metal names. Their Drain EP was recorded by Chuck Shuldiner. Obituary’s Donald Tardy and Trevor Peres were once members. But after the release of 1997’s Metal Neck LP, the members were recruited to join Andrew W.K.’s live band. As a silent hiatus settled, Intoxicated seemed destined to be a colorful footnote in the tome of Florida death metal.

All that changed earlier this year with Intoxicated’s first music in 23 years. They roared out of their hiatus when Seeing Red Records released the Walled EP in August. Walled is nearly 20 minutes of grimy, pit-stirring thrash that crawls from death metal’s pungent ooze. Each song is an uppercut of muscular grooves and spine-snapping speed. Intoxicated close out the record with “Yuck,” a sneering finale that captures the band’s stage power. It’s fitting that the song’s video surges with the sweat and savagery of live footage. The song’s studio recording features a solo from Obituary’s Ken Andrews.

“The song “Yuck” was written about the disgust of people’s choices,” shares vocalist/guitarist Erik Payne. “There’s too much crying going on, and I believe much of our lives are what we make of it. Our budget was pretty much nonexistent, so we taped several cameras together with one camera dude. We filmed this at a Toxic Holocaust/Soulfly show we played. Straight mayhem!”

Press play and watch Intoxicated inebriate the audience with rancid deathrash in the video below.

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