For Those About to Squawk: Waldo Pecks on Carcass, Evil Dead and Nothing

Happy Halloween, motherpeckers! It’s every metalheads favorite holiday, and it’s that time where I, Waldo the parrot, tell you about some upcoming releases.

The masters of gore are back, albeit with just an EP. Carcass are releasing the great Despicable on Nuclear Blast. I’m stoked for this. Picking up where 2013’s Surgical Steel left off, Carcass hits us with some melodeath. There are all the things here that you’d expect, some blasting, some riffs, some snarling and some clean singing?! Don’t worry, the clean singing is only on the chorus on one song, and it actually makes the track. Jeff Walker’s voice is as nasty as ever and Bill Steer’s riffs are great on this. The one thing I can mention is, the EP in general seems a little on the slow end, but like not “slow.” But know that despite the lack of speed, Carcass can retain their sound and never come across as boring. The solos—my feathered god—the solos are great! This is clearly a teaser for what’s to come for a new record and I am beaking stoked! 9 Fucking Pecks.

Once upon a time, during the thrash explosion, a group of teenagers formed a band.  That band was called Evil Dead and they put out the awesome Annihilation of Civilization, one of the best thrash records ever. Well… after 30+ years they are back with The United States of Anarchy. It’s hard to review this, as there has been so much time that has passed. The best way to put it is that Evil Dead sounds… intact. I Gone is the fury of AoC (I mean, that was a long time ago), but this is still ED. This is thrash metal, like 100%, and they band sounds a little more mature, but still retains the elements that makes them the Evil Dead. Not their best, (see AoC) but I’m digging it. 8 Fucking Pecks.

The non-metal/post metal band Nothing are coming out with another record called The Great Dismal. I for one am a big fan of Nothing, being an ’80s-born parrot I like the Cure, etc. For the uninitiated, Nothing is a kind of heavy shoegaze band, not really “metal” per se, but you know, heavy. The Great Dismal is awash in thematic isolation, extinction and overall human behavior. The first thing to be noted here is this is a noisier record than the last couple of efforts. And that’s badass. There are ugly, heavy passages interwoven with clean pretty parts with lethargic vocals. I’ve loved everything they’ve done and so far, this may be their best! 8 Fucking Pecks.

Stay safe out there, everyone! Waldo out!