Video Premiere: Intoxicated – ‘Walled’

Formed in 1992, old-school trio Intoxicated started when thrash metal had fully given way to the death metal explosion. This was especially true in the band’s home state of Florida, where by the early ’90s, Monte Conner had signed anything that had grunted or growled, threw it into Morrisound and slapped a Dan Seagrave cover on it in order to keep the gore-soaked gears of Roadrunner’s death metal machine churning.

That didn’t portend to a bright future for Intoxicated, though they did manage to release one EP, 1997’s Metal Neck, before vocalist/guitarist Erik Payne and bassist Gregg Roberts were drafted into Andrew W.K.’s live band by none other than Obituary drummer Donald Tardy. Though the pair remain a part of that outfit, they’ve managed to refocus on Intoxicated, who are just weeks away from releasing their first new music in 23 years. But before the Walled EP sees the light of day on August 28 via Seeing Red, we’ve got a taste for you in the form of the new video for the EP’s title track.

“We filmed the video for ‘Walled’ at a D.R.I. show we played,” the band tells Decibel. “We knew it’d be bat-shit crazy so we gave the camera operator a helmet and an Adderal/Valium cocktail.”

Pre-order the Walled EP from Seeing Red Records here.