Video Premiere: Soothing – ‘Used X’

Black metal and crust go together like chocolate and peanut better in those delicious Reece’s pumpkins, a delicious combination that should be celebrated for all of time. Enter Soothing, a new blackened crust duo with membership that’s done time in Trash Talk, Alpha & Omega, A Storm of Light and Sinking Ships. Their latest offering, a video for the song “Used X” off of an upcoming lathe-cut EP, is a nasty, crusty slice of winter.

Aided by visuals of burning and crumbling churches, buzzards and bugs and other unsettling video clips, “Used X” moves at a steady mid pace, drawing its atmosphere from lo-fi production and cigarette-eater vocals.

“In times of chaos and uncertainty, creative expression is essential,” Soothing explain to Decibel. “When all else fails, screaming over blown-out guitars and blaring drums feels like a proper announcement of built-up frustration. ‘Used X’ is an observation based on convictions being used for public gain. In a world where it’s really easy to pretend to be somebody else, being unapologetically yourself is a dying mindset. Why be something you’re not? Forward ever, backwards never.”

Watch the video for “Used X” below and keep an eye on Anybody’s Flowers to score a copy of the EP when it releases.