Track Premiere: Malicious – “Death Embalmed”

Nearly a decade after forming, but finally Finland’s thrashing old school black/death legion Malicious will release their debut album Deranged Hexes. Across the eight tracks that comprise Deranged Hexes, the Finnish quartet maintain a demonically charged intensity, slaying relentlessly at hellish speeds for 25 minutes straight. Blazing riffs to set your soul on fire impaled with non-stop solos, downright possessed drumming and gibbering demon vocals—despite its length, Deranged Hexes is nothing short of astounding . . . and terrifying.

Deranged Hexes comes out Friday October 30 from Invictus Productions. It’s our pleasure to host this exclusive premiere, another absolute garotter in the form of “Death Embalmed,” from Malicious’ forthcoming debut. 

Riku Polameri, the band’s drummer, says “[‘Death Embalmed’] is about Death itself being a prime mover in the universe, something that is not bound by the laws of physics and is therefore elusive to current understanding of man, even though it’s influence can be seen and felt all around.”

“Death Embalmed”

Preorder Deranged Hexes Friday October 2 from Invictus Productions.