Video Premiere: Bergeton – “Miami Murder”

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Most Decibel readers probably know Morten Bergeton Iversen as Teloch, guitarist of The True Mayhem. But as Bergeton he’s a synthwave force that hypnotizes listeners with vibrant electronic compositions. Bergeton’s upcoming album Miami Murder is a crime scene of pulsing bass lines and contagious melodies. The songs feel simultaneously nostalgic and freshly polished for contemporary consumption. Like the lurid cover art, the music balances the bright lights of a summer metropolis with the darkest shadows of danger. Miami Murder captures the allure of excess and opulence without succumbing to it.

Miami Murder‘s title track simmers and scintillates. The song’s mid-paced bounce feels like a wild party winding down. It’s not the fever pitch of midnight debauchery. It’s the key-bump of coke in the Uber home; the haze of fading hallucinogens while speeding down Florida highways. The music video embodies the neon dreaminess of Nicolas Winding Refn’s film projects. Splashes of electric purple and hot pink in lieu of splattered blood. Just like Miami’s humidity, this song conjures sweat as it thumps to its conclusion.

Listen to Bergeton’s “Miami Murder” and watch the borderline-NSFW video below before the debut albums drops on October 15th.

Decibel Magazine with Morten Bergeton Iversen

When did synth and electronic music first appeal to you?

My first real musical revelation, before I started my school of metal, was actually A-Ha. From there, me and some friends got into Kraftwerk and lots other ’80s synth-based bands. But there was something with the synth sound that always stuck with me. Even when I found rock, then metal, some sort of synth music was always listened to. Maybe not as my main genre of interest. But I always followed various synth-based genres. I have also more or less created synth songs since 2000 and maybe earlier than that as well, but mostly for fun and nothing serious.

What sort of atmosphere were you trying to build with “Miami Murder” and the album in general?

This album came out from a synthwave/outrun period I briefly had. I was trying to recreate some of the typical synthwave sounds from scratch in my DAW, and before I knew I had created 2-3 songs. It was like I was in a trance, just obsessed with the whole thing haha. And shortly after that I suddenly had 15 full songs or something like that. So I gathered the songs I had that were in the same style and put them into an album.

What was the concept for this song’s music video?

The video director, Costin Chioreanu, had a vision for this video. Flashes from when the murderer meets a “lady of the night” at a strip club and flashes from various drug and alcohol scenes throughout the night before the murder happens. Referring to the album artwork obviously.

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