Video Premiere: Cadaver – “Morgue Ritual”

On November 27th, in cooperation with Nuclear Blast, Norwegian death metal duo Cadaver will release their first new full-length album in 16 years. Titled Edder & Bile, this album makes good on the promise they made to us last year, upon the release of the single “Circle of Morbidity,” that there was more on the way. 

Today we have the pleasure of unveiling the shocking visual accompaniment for “Morgue Ritual,” the first single from Edder & Bile. Directed by Gnarlos Wright + Rake and MM Fabrications, with creative direction from the latter as well 4815 Studio, and featuring performers Jeanelle Mastema, Luzia Lowe, Sean Forester, Brynn Route and MM, with body art provided by Triple Six Tattoos, Seventh Dean, MM Fabrications, Jason Adcock and Andie Preuss, “Morgue Ritual” is decidedly NSFW and viewer discretion is advised.

“The riffs to ‘Morgue Ritual’ are an instant time machine to that glorious epoch of extreme metal’s spawning,” writes Dirk Verbeuren, Cadaver’s drummer since 2014. “For those in the know, there was a distinct energy in the air. Bands across the globe were pulverizing boundaries and the possibilities were endless. I couldn’t envision a better way to unveil the new Cadaver than with this song!”

Cadaver’s founding member and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Anders Odden writes, “‘Morgue Ritual’ is based on a song called ‘Morgue Rifling’ from the very first Cadaver demo, Into The Outside from 1988. For some reason, this song never made it to our first couple of albums and it’s a pleasure to finally release it. It’s a song based on our thrash metal roots along with lyrics about the hypocrisy of organized religion. ‘Resist the claims of heaven – resist the claims of hell – under the burden of reality – we find the human spell’ Enjoy!”

“Morgue Ritual”

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