Video Premiere: Contrarian – ‘In a Blink of an Eye’

Only Time Will Tell, the new album from Rochester progressive death group Contrarian, is the exact opposite of the Dropdead track Decibel premiered earlier today. Continuing down their path of progressiveness and technicality, the New York unit are ready to release their fourth album in November and Decibel has a premiere of a new song, “In a Blink of an Eye.”

Led by guitarists Jim Tasikas and Brian Mason (Sulaco), “Only Time Will Tell” shows Contrarian’s melodic side using shiny guitar leads over complex drumming, contrasted with Cody McConnell’s barked vocals. There are definite similarities to Death, Atheist and Cynic, but “In a Blink of an Eye” has a notably more modern feeling than those artists.

“This is the first song off our new concept album, Only Time Will Tell,” Tasikas explains. “The lyrics outline the essence of the storyline. The band’s mascot, ‘the cloaked contrarian,’ goes on an adventure of time travel for redemption and love for his mysterious mistress, ‘Scarlet Babylon.'”

Start the quest for Babylon yourself by listening to “In a Blink of an Eye” and watch the new video below. It’s out November 20 on Willowtip.