Video Premiere: Winter Nights – “Starved for Energy”

Winter Nights formed in 2007 by the brothers Farfan who both play guitar and growl in the band. Joined by bassist Martin Tune and drummer James Yarusinsky, Winter Nights take a morose, but crushing approach to their high energy melodeath. With the release of their third album, there’s no longer any denying Winter Nights power. On their eponymous album the quartet arch frozen leads over darkly punishing death metal. Heartstrings are not so much pulled as yanked out and used to garrot said heart cruelly, but somehow magnificently.

Released July 31 independently, you can support the underground by purchasing the album from Winter Nights. In the meantime, it’s our pleasure to debut the new video for “Starved for Energy,” the second track from Winter Nights’ new album. Directed by Justin Rogers, edited by Brandon Aviram, this is “Starved for Energy.”

“We hope our viewers can relate to this video on an emotional level,” the band prefaces. “In the beginning, it was about portraying grief, loss & sadness. What it has turned into is hearing a voice in the dark that’s given you the energy to survive even if it’s for one last moment. This track has the most meaning to our singer Jeremy. He wanted to create music for the deceased. Though not in a forgotten notion. Rather than their energy stays with us well pass death. It gives us the fuel to keep going and hope that we meet our beloved once again.”

“Starved for Energy”

Winter Nights