Track Premiere: Blackevil – “Pestkarren”

On September 25th, Germany’s hottest black thrash trio Blackevil will release Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire, the follow-up full-length to their debut, The Ceremonial Fire, released in 2017. With riffs proficiently whetted on the skulls of their minions worldwide, but possessed by an undying thirst for more speed, more solos and more blood, Blackevil’s sophomore slayer will arrive faster than we realize.

In order to better prepare our readers, in league with Blackevil and Dying Victims Productions, we’re premiering the new single from Forever Baptised in Eternal Fire. Meaning “plague carts” in English, this is “Pestkarren.”

“‘Pestkarren’ is a song about the plague-ridden medieval times – a topic that is surprisingly fitting the current situation,” Blackevil explain via email. They go on to say that “Pestkarren” is “not only the first Blackevil track with a German titl, but also the fastest one on the upcoming record! Get infected by deadly riffs!!”



Dying Victims Productions