Track Premiere: Sadistic Embodiment – “Phantom Tormentor”

Sadistic Embodiment band photo

Canadian death metal executioners Sadistic Embodiment have emerged from their quarantine torture chamber to release their first LP, Blood Spell. After establishing their brutality across three EPs, they’re ready to give the world a global enema on their full-length debut. Like the rest of us, the band didn’t expect to be blindsided by a pandemic and forced to adjust to new safety procedures. But the group of veteran performers stuck to the plan of recording three EPs in quick succession and capping it with a full record. Blood Spell is the result of a a crime spree of creativity under usually unusual circumstances. Decibel Magazine has exclusive access to their new single “Phantom Tormentor” ahead of the album’s release from CDN Records on September 18th.

After a brief prologue about the lasting impact of PTSD, Sadistic Embodiment immediately drag listeners into the flames. The riffs from Wally Fischer and Jason Cullen bludgeon with caveman chugging while casting a foreboding ambience. Drummer Bryan Newbury races a mid-song solo with his concussive percussion. In a recent interview, guitarist Jason Cullen described the band as “a [three-headed] chimera” following their former lead vocalist’s departure. The style changes as members swap vocal duties throughout Blood Spell lend the album a sense of variety without sacrificing a steady identity. The gang-growls of “Phantom Tormentor” invoke Exhumed’s anthemic qualities during the swelling choruses. By the time the affiliated lyric video ends, the song leaves an echo of its savagery in your mind. Sadistic Embodiment will appeal to fans who want both mosh-ready slams and razorblade riffing.

Satiate your gluttonous perversions and stream Sadistic Embodiment’s “Phantom Tormentor” below. Stream it NOW before Blood Spell is released from CDN Records on September 18th.

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