Blast Worship: Audiotrauma

Where they from?
Trujillo, Peru. People from Peru are known as Peruvians, which is a really funny sounding word. It sounds like something Dr. Evil would say in one of his esoteric monologues: “My cousin was a Peruvian bobsledder who sliced cheese for a living.” Also, one of their former presidents was involved in a scandal known as “Operation Car Wash.” I would comment how silly that is if we didn’t have a president who routinely tweets his insecurities at 3 a.m.

Why the hype?
Man, what is it about these South American bands? I’ve written about my love of Brazil’s grindcore scene, but the continent as a whole is producing some really great acts. One common denominator is use of absolutely BRUTAL production style that makes their recordings just so much more visceral on the ear than their American or European counterparts.

Audiotrauma are no different. The scraping guitars and ruthless drum sounds are only exceeded by some of the most in-your-face vocal performances I have come across in my many travels in the extremosphere. What I love about this band is they prove that you don’t necessarily need overly complex musical arrangements or tomfoolery to get your point across. Most of what this band offers is fairly simple, crusty grind, but it’s executed in such a savage way that any twists and turns tacked on would just dilute the pure rage of the music.

Latest Release?
Fuego A Las Fronteras four-way split from June 2020. Like I said, the vocals here are INTENSE. I’m not sure if the studio technician accidentally spilled coffee on the soundboard or something but I LIKE IT. That’s not to say the music is mediocre, there’s plenty of riff-filled goodness here that reminds me of fellow South Americans and Blast Worship favorites Hutt to keep everyone happy. The opening riff of “Sudamerica en Llamas” is like four chromatic power chords played over and over, but, boy, IT FUCKS.