Track Premiere: Psychosomatic – ‘Serial Killer’ (Vio-lence Cover)

Psychosomatic are far from new to the thrash metal scene; the Sacramento thrashers have been active in some form since 1988, consistently releasing music for the last two decades. On their new album, The Invisible Prison, Psychosomatic pay tribute to recently-reunited Bay Area legends Vio-lence with a cover of “Serial Killer.”

Originally from Vio-lence’s essential debut, Eternal Nightmare, “Serial Killer” was a natural pick for Psychosomatic—who elected to keep the cover faithful to the original—because of their connection to the band. Bassist and singer Jeff Salgado sang “Serial Killer” with Vio-lence at Killian on Command, a January 2018 benefit for Vio-lence singer Sean Killian, who had been recently diagnosed with liver cirrohsis.

“It was a lot of fun and I thought it made a great addition to the album in honoring one of our biggest influences and return of the mighty Vio-lence!”

The members of Vio-lence, who reunited in 2019, gave the cover their blessing.

“It’s such an honor when we hear a band cover one of our songs,” guitarist Phil Demmel tells Decibel. “This one is a rager by one of the better NorCal thrash bands and fires us up! Thanks dudes from the entire Vio-Camp!”

“It’s amazing to know your music has inspired so many metal bands and metal people,” Killian added.

Check out Psychosomatic’s version of “Serial Killer” below. The Invisible Prison is out on August 28.

Photo: Michael Alvarez