Track Premiere: The Infernal Sea – “Befallen Order”

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Black metal plaguewielders The Infernal Sea formed in East England in 2009. Over the course of several releases, The Infernal Sea raised their war banner and established themselves as black metal phenoms. Supported by their plague doctor masks and shrouds, the band’s LP The Great Mortality was a clarion call presciently focused on the Black Death of the 14th century. The band now returns to timely and fertile thematic soil in the middle of a pandemic. Negotium Crucis, the Infernal Sea’s third full-length record, will begin its unholy crusade on September 18th. But Decibel Magazine has exclusive access to the album’s Bubonic new single (“Befallen Order”) ahead of its release from Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.

There’s no atmospheric intro or nuance needed for “Befallen Order” to announce its violent arrival. The song rips from the first blasphemous note, pairing a grimy scorched-punk undercurrent with grim blastbeats. The song’s raw thrust nails the sneering defiance that announced the genre when Venom first stormed stages. The lyric video switches to an ominous montage of nature videography during an instrumental passage, just in time for the track to truly catch fire. Get ready to be throttled by a solo in the song’s terminal minute that elevates the song into a gripping anthem. The song is representative of the kinetic songwriting and feral energy balanced on Negotium Crucis.

Vocalist DL says the new single “is punk as fuck; a raging, aggression-fueled maelstrom that demands your attention from the strike of its first chord. A track that successfully fuses the savageness of The Infernal Sea with Black ‘n’ Roll bravado.” We co-sign that assessment in blood.

Stream the song below exclusively before the album’s release on September 18th. Scroll further to read some comments from The Infernal Sea about their plague-spreading black metal being fittingly released during a pandemic. But first, press play and join the “Befallen Order” NOW.

Decibel Magazine interview with The Infernal Sea guitarist JE

Following your Agents of Satan EP, were there any changes in sound or song writing you wanted to pursue on Negotium Crucis?

JE: Just to evolve musically, be happy with our overall sound, and not care for what people might think about our direction. Obviously, upon first listen Negotium Crucis is a lot rawer sounding. This was a conscious decision between us to sound less polished, and more abrasive for the listener. More in keeping with our live sound. This album is a truer representation of The Infernal Sea.

The lyrical themes seem to center around many forms of human sadism during the Black Plague. How has it felt to see the themes become so relevant over the last 5 months?

JE: It’s a great reminder to us all that the human race is forever doomed, and will be punished at all cost.

How does the track “Befallen Order” fit into the scope of the album’s themes?

JE: This song is simply about the fall of the brotherhood. A military order sanctioned by the church, one that became too powerful and greedy, due to unpopular opinion among the Christian faithful, the church had to act. The church could no longer be associated with the Knights Templar, who had committed acts of treason and genocide, even if the orders come direct from the Church.

I know you researched the plague years for 2015’s The Great Mortality. What was something you learned while further studying for this record?

JE: Considering that we are living in a global pandemic, the similarities are uncanny. Okay, the death toll is not as extreme as that of the Bubonic Plague and scientifically we are much more advanced. But the fear mongering and stupidity of humanity are still prevalent. We are living in a crazy period of history, one that will be remembered for years to come.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2020 and beyond for The Infernal Sea?

JE: We have many plans. A lot of them we cannot reveal as of yet. The Infernal Sea will keep growing and evolving.

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