Track Premiere: Theotoxin “Prayer”


Theotoxin, featuring members of Zombie Inc., Molokh, and Schammasch (live), are putting Austria back on the black metal map. Certainly, fans of Marduk, Belphegor, and 1349 will find darkness and hatred imprinted on Theotoxin’s sonic and spiritual fingerprint, but there’s more to uncover! The band’s newest album, Fragment: Erhabenheit, isn’t just a black metal retread of records past. The Vienna-based outfit suffuse elements of death metal. This nefarious brew offers dangerous depth and surprising breadth. The track that AOP Records has bestowed upon Decibel — called “Prayer” — pairs ominous and disquietude with malevolence and antipathy.

When asked for a quote, Theotoxin merely said this about “Prayer”: “[It’s] an unsettling atmosphere mixed with purest furiousness describes ‘Prayer’ the most.” Indeed, “Prayer” discomposes out of the gate, with frontman Ragnar pining to loathsome gods of desolation to end this miserable world, as guitarists Fabian Rauter and Martin Frick layer heavily dissonance and diabolus in musica.

Wish manic Mondays away forever with Theotoxin’s “Prayer”!

** Theotoxin’s new album, Fragment: Erhabenheit, is out September 11th, 2020 on Art of Propaganda Records. Pre-orders on the label’s U.S. store are not yet live. Click HERE to visit AOP’s U.S. store.