Inhalement Release New EP “Eternally Stoned”

Boston, it’s a city known for a few things: clam chowder, terrible sports fans and the Wahlberg brothers. But did you know they also make death metal there? Enter beantown’s own Inhalement, a band who dares to ask “Have you ever seen the back of a $20 bill ON WEED?” In a crazy chaotic world as this one most certainly is, is there any more reassuring concept than a bunch of dudes in a Medford basement jamming some Incantation-like riffs and singing about how the government is infusing marijuana with mind-control flakes? I don’t think so.

There are a multitude of bands flying under the blood-stained banner of old-school death metal nowadays but few reach the clarity and depth Inhalement do on Eternally Stoned. Strong melody lines are the name of the game here, weaving and connecting every song from sinister opener “MJ Ultra” to the barbaric depths of the breakdown in “Drowning in Reclaim.” This EP is easily the most mature and fully realized of this band’s career. If you are still following CDC guidelines, then perhaps consider TOKING UP the BIGGEST BONG YOU HAVE and giving this bad boy a spin or two.